I'm a wanderer
so let that be my name –
the first winter rain


The Professional


Sellsword, Dragoon, Storyteller...

art by xaotician

You May Have Seen


✰ An elezen mercenary who turned up several turns back - like any number of sellswords passing through the region - and shortly teamed up with several other competent individuals in the area.✰ A spectator of violence - the kind one finds abundantly in the Bloodsands and any number of fighting arenas - the same way some people might go to the theatre. Or the library.


✰ A mercenary with a dragoon's spear passing in and out of the city - picking up caravan guard duty out into the Dravanian Forelands. He doesn't always return promptly.✰ Going in and out of a local veteran's charity, sometimes just to have a cup of coffee or lunch with familiar company.✰ Slowly rebuilding a faith that was shattered at the end of the Dragonsong War, even occaisionally being seen at church services again.


✰ A Duskwight who seems at perpetual unease beneath the Twelveswood's branches, but can occaisionally be seen down in the South Shroud with a weather eye turned towards Snakemolt..

You May Have Heard


✰ There's an office in the Goblet that doesn't advertise its services widely but never seems short on clients. Ask any of them and all they say is: 'We help people.'✰ The Immortal Flames have a (former) dragoon among their assets. Where they deploy them, and when and how often isn't widely circulated.


✰ The Convictor Knight, Audthildr's Bane has returned from a period of knight errantry (or desertion to his detractors) to mend his absence after the close of the Dragonsong War.✰ Enguerrand de Dzemael has recently passed. His once-estranged foster children returned home to care for him in his final years.✰ ...of a knight in antique golden armor who has taken some interest in the lands and peoples and history just beyond Ishgard's borders.


✰ ...of an agile and professional soldier constantly on the move. Burns aetheryte from place to place in a way that can't be entirely healthy. Maybe one day he'll slow down.✰ ...that he tells good stories. Or at least, used to if his friends are telling the truth. Maybe the environment and audience just need to be right.

The crow on the cradle, the black and the white
Somebody's baby is born for a fight
The crow on the cradle, the white and the black
Somebody's baby is not coming back...
-Sydney Carter

Of Note


Breandan was fostered as a ward of Ishgard's High House Dzemael while his parents - a Gridanian duskwight carpenter and Coerthan stonemason - were engaged in several lengthy and demanding building projects for the house.He trained as a squire and a lancer, but departed from the house's service shortly before the Calamity due to increasing tensions between himself and the lord who had fostered him. It came to a head with the untimely death of his birth parents in an infamously unfortunate building accident.Shortly after the Calamity, he turned up in Western Coerthas working out of the Convictory. Eventually, he did distinguish himself by slaying the dragon Audthildr - an adult wyrm of Nidhogg's brood. He was scouted by the Knights Dragoon and spent the remainder of the Dragonsong War in the Congregation of Knights Most Holy.At the close of the war, Breandan was decomissioned and left Ishgard attached to one of the mercenary companies House Fortemps had imported during the war.He wasn't intending on ever returning, but a life that's wound around the way his has seems to have a way of just winding back ere long.


Snow. An Icicle. Some other winter threat that must fall to kill
- Mademoiselle S. Durremont , a fairy tale told to her charges
"..ran away with the fencing master. The scandal of it at the time, I remember well. At least he managed to redeem himself by sending Dravanians to the hells "
- Ser Vaquelin Pommeroix, house knight
"The Harbinger has come. As the stars have forseen.
Come to vanquish the darkness, have you?
The great abyss churning in Ishgard's belly?
-Rhe Asah
Astrologian/ Cult Leader.Deceased.
"Noone in this wretched scrap of land can hope to be a match for my drakes"
IVth Legion Beastmaster
Last Known Whereabouts: Zadnor

You can use a spear as a walking stick, but that will not change its nature
-Madeleine Miller

Finding a Connection


Savage, Crag & Pike:
A founding partner of the free company , Breandan provides security and strategic consultation to the office in the goblet. The Immortal Flames backed company is known for being available for a wide variety of contracts, for being a place one can go to for quiet and discrete assistance.
What kind of assistance?'We help people' is what the partners and employees of the office seem to say generally.Those who know, know what to ask for.Working For The Knife/
Married to the Lance:
A successful sellsword is a professional and a competent one is valuable. From his long experience in mercenary companies and training with Ishgard's Temple Knights, Breandan certainly seems to be aware of his own value. He can be discerning about his company and contracts, but is certainly available to discuss problems that need his particular skillset to solve.The Vermillion Price:One of the known apprentices of wandering fencing master (and suspected Red Mage) Ser Erembourc Boucher, it may be a curiosity that Breandan both downplays his interest in fencing and is quick to proclaim how he's no head for magical arts. Curiouser, then, that he seems to possess some sense of camaraderie towards Mages of the Red - the same he might have for another dragoon...'I Enjoy Slaughtering Beasts
(And I think of my relatives constantly):
The late Enguerrand de Dzemael's Gridanian-born ward was something of an embarrassment and a thorn to the High House while the man lived (running away from home? Abandoning his responsibilities? Fraternizing with the Convictors? sellswords? Foreigners?) and this has changed only little since the lord's demise of illness.
Too lowborn to be properly at home amongst the ranks of gentlemen and too well-raised for smallfolk at times, Ser Ducaille seems to prefer most the company of other veterans and soldiers and knights of all stations and anyone who tolerates him in a crowd.Dragonology: It stands to any logical sense that a man from the Order of Knights Dragoon might know a few things about dragons. The end of the Dragonsong War ended much of the original use for this knowledge, but also opened new doors while closing old ones.It could explain why he often contracts traveling out into wild Dravanian territory - either escorting supply caravans or by himself for things he doesn't seem to care to explain.To learn anything else, one might just need to find out where he makes camp...


For I am a brother to dragons
and a companion to owls

Job 30:29

The Player

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